The Ruby Team Sprint 2020 in Paris started. A dozen of us joined, some of them arriving just after attending MiniDebCamp right before FOSDEM and FOSDEM itself.

Group photo of the Ruby Team Sprint 2020 in Paris
Group photo of the Ruby Team Sprint 2020 in Paris

Day One consisted of setting up at the venue, Campus 4 of the Sorbonne University, as well as collecting and discussing our tasks for the next days, and starting the work. The main goals so far for the sprint are:

  • Update packages in preparation for the Ruby 2.7 transition
  • Update packages for the Rails 6 transition
  • Fix several testing migration issues
  • Improve the team’s tools and workflow
    • Optimize usage of Salsa CI and reduce workload for Salsa service
    • Prevent breakages by minor transitions
  • Fix team specific issues
    • Remove the interpreter dependency from libraries
    • Handle rubygems integration warnings (working together with Deivid Rodríguez, upstream rubygems maintainer, who kindly agreed to join the sprint).
    • Optimize and improve installed gemspecs
  • Reduce the differences for Ruby packages on Kali Linux

There are more items on the list which will be discussed during the following days.

At the end of Day One there is already a two digit number of both packages uploaded and bugs approached and fixed, and we managed to go through half of the topics that required discussion.

We hope to be able to keep up the good work and finish on Friday with a lot of our goals to be reached, taking a big step ahead.