For moving my personal blog away from blogger I’ve put a lot of work into packaging and/or updating (the most common) Jekyll plugins for Debian. To ease the work further I began to package the Jekyll importers. But they need some (yet) unpackaged gems. So I’ve created an issue to track the progress and put my work on this package on hold. Yesterday @utkarsh2102-guest contacted me and asked me for more details. So I’ve spent the last hours to track down what actually needs to be done. And the news are a lot better than expected.

Only fastercsv, reverse_markup, behance and unidecode must be packaged as (runtime dependencies).

Using jekyll-import right now with bundler

If you are in need of these importers you can use this Gemfile:

source ""

gem "jekyll-import"

then set GEM_HOME to somewhere you are allowed to write to (e.g. $HOME/.gem/) and run bundle install on the Gemfile:

$ export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem/
$ bundle install

Then write your importer (mine) and run it with ruby.

Using jekyll-import right now mixing Debian packages and bundler

If you want to minimize the installation of non-Debian provided gems you probably want to run this on Debian Sid:

$ apt-get install ruby-public-suffix ruby-concurrent ruby-eventmachine \
                  ruby-ffi ruby-rb-inotify ruby-listen ruby-nokogiri \
                  ruby-bundler ruby-concurrent ruby-http-parser.rb ruby-sass \
                  ruby-forwardable-extended jekyll

This installs all the necessary ruby packages. Then run bundle install on the following Gemfile:

source ""

# This will help ensure the proper Jekyll version is running.
gem "jekyll", "~>"

# This will ensure we use the ruby packages in Sid.
gem "concurrent-ruby", "~>"
gem "eventmachine", "~>"
gem "ffi", "~>"
gem "listen", "~>"
gem "nokogiri", "~>"
gem "pathutil", "~>"
gem "public_suffix", "~>"
gem "rb-inotify", "~>"

# This will install jekyll-import.
gem "jekyll-import"