Ruby Packaging for Starters

This document will try to give a short description of the general workflow of upgrading and creating Debian packages for the ruby-team for beginners.

If you are already an expert in Debian packaging and in using Git and, you may find the ruby-team pages in the Debian-Wiki more straight forward.

For this workflow description we only assume that you are a little bit familiar with the Debian package management and may have built one or another Debian package for personal use before. You should have had installed at least the packages

  • build-essential
  • maint-guide and
  • developers-reference

and you should have taken a closer look into the installed Documents

as well as into the Ruby pages of the Debian Wiki

It will also be useful to set your name and the email-address you want to use developing packages in your ~/bashrc (if you have not already done so):

DEBFULLNAME="your name"

Communication in the ruby-team mainly happens via mailing list:

So it is a good start to subscribe this list.

There is also an IRC channel where team members hang around and where you may find help:

#debian-ruby on (OFTC)

All done? Then let’s get started!

Table of Contents: